Break the Silence — Rev. Moira Finley

This is so excellent! Listen up Church!

Gifts in Open Hands

I would like to share the work of Rev. Moira Finley, a champion of those who have survived sexual violence and assault. In the United States and in the denomination the United Church of Christ that Sunday happens annually in April, but in many other places in the world your focus and timeframe is different. For example in some places the focus is on violation of indigenous or aboriginal women and in some others it ties into particular faith related seasons.

When, where, exactly what – these can be different. Never forgetting to name the pain, opening faith communities to the conversation, and committing to healing has no season. Someone you know, someone I know, will benefit from an annual remembrance, (amen!) but also actually needs hope and companionship right now this Sunday, maybe this Thursday.

So this organization. One of many. A website for you to begin.
Rev. Moira…

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